The 5 things food-wise I’m currently obsessed with ….

1)      Pumpkin ice cream: anyone that follows me on twitter (ct_foodisfun) knows about this obsession. So luscious, spicy, and scrumdelicious. I cannot get enough! I’m partial to Swensen’s (v. old skool, I know) but you can go fancified (Humphrey Slocombe) or budget-friendly (Trader Joe’s) if you prefer. Try squishing a scoop between two snickerdoodles.  Yum!

2)      Tablehopper: For those of you not in the know, Marcia Gagliardi, aka the Tablehopper, produces a weekly e-column about all things dining-related in San Francisco and beyond. What do I like best about her? You can email her about where to take your grandma to lunch downtown or where you should take your finicky, food-obsessed friend for out of this world pho and she’ll reply to you with the best option.

3)      The Richmond: Have you been to the Richmond lately? If not, you are missing out. My fave spots are Royal Market & Bakery, Kamei , and Richmond Produce. I’m also into the salsa lessons on Monday nights at the Rockit Room.  Oh, and I don’t live in this neighborhood. I actually make it a point to go.

4)      Mexican Hot Chocolate:  I’ve been making tons of Abuelita hot chocolate over the past month. Use whole milk, a dash of vanilla, and cayenne pepper (TIP: start out with just a tiny pinch of the pepper it can quickly overwhelm the drink). 

5)      My Rosemary Christmas “Tree”: Here’s the thing, I was not going to decorate this year. It has been mad crazy at work and I wasn’t feeling very holly jolly. However, this cute little tree has really put me in the holiday frame of mind.  Who cares if it’s a bit Charlie Brownish?!? It’s bite-sized (which is the right size for my little abode) and smells delicious.  I love looking at it while I tap tap tap away on the laptop. And when it dries, I can add the leaves to my Bolognese. Twofer!

Up next week:  An easy entertaining recipe, my kitchen sink tapenade. It makes a great accompaniment to a cheese platter.

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 A Christmas Tree for Bite-Sized Living Spaces

My wee little Christmas Tree-- it's Rosemary!

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