3 Quick Kitchen Tips for Working Drones (like me!)

In my effort to keep more $$$ in my pocket and less fat out of my a#$, I’ve taken to bringing breakfast and lunch to work nearly everyday.  Here are my top 3 quick tips to make bringing food along with you to the office less onerous:

1)      Make a stew, soup, or other one-pot meal on Sunday and pack it in individual portions to take with you for lunch during the week. Soups are super-easy to make. During the cold winter months, I try a new recipe each week. Last week it was Molly Wizenberg’s curried lentil soup, http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2010/12/curried_lentil_soup .  As soon as the soup was finished, I poured half of it into a freezer bag and portioned the rest into 3 glass bowls that had fitted lids.  During the week, all I had to do was grab one of the glass bowls out of the fridge and toss it in my work tote as I headed out the door. How’s that for fast?

2)      Buy the large-sized vanilla, greek, or plain yogurt instead of the individual-sized cartons as the larger container is cheaper and more versatile.  Before I go to bed, I pour some of the yogurt into tupperware, top it with a scoop of frozen berries and slivered almonds from the freezer, and pop it into the fridge. It’s a grab and go option that provides a healthy and yummy start to my day and a much cheaper alternative to the yogurt parfaits from the cafes near my office. As an alternative, I sometimes toss the yogurt and frozen fruit into a blender and whir up a delicious smoothie. My fave combo: frozen mango, strawberries, vanilla yogurt, milk  (or a cream if I’m feeling naughty), and a squirt of oj. 

3)      Make a batch of muffins during a slow weekend and freeze them. Homemade muffins are cheaper, healthier, and taste better than those ginormous, overly-sweet things you buy at Starbuck’s. I pull my homemade treats one by one from the freezer as I need them during the week and reheat for 20 seconds in the microwave when I get to work. This is my favorite healthy muffin alternative: https://ctacla.wordpress.com/2011/01/07/good-for-you-blueberry-muffin-recipe/  

What’s Next:

On a less healthy note, here’s what I’m making for SuperBowl Sunday:


Bacon. Jalepeno. Cheese.  YUM. I’ll let you know how they turn out.

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