Why I’m Crushing on My Freezer

Freezer with open door.
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I have a HUGE crush on my freezer. Seriously!  I love to cook but most recipes serve 4 to 6 and it’s just me and one plant that hasn’t died, so either I have to eat something multiple days in a row or throw it out.  Freezer to the rescue!

Here is what’s in my freezer right now:

Red velvet cupcakes – I bought


buttermilk a few weeks ago for another recipe and had a ton leftover so I decided to make a batch of red velvet cupcakes.  I baked them off, let them cool, and then tossed the lot into two freezer-friendly bags.  The great thing about cupcakes is you can pull them out of the freezer individually so there’s no waste. Just don’t ice until after they’ve thawed.

Bananas I like to eat my bananas on the green-side so as soon as they go yellow into the deep freeze they head. Currently, I have 6 sitting in my freezer. When I’m being good, I peel and cut them pre-freeze. When I’m a bad kitty, I just toss them in whole and let them thaw in their skins and then de-skin to use. I put half of a frozen banana into my oatmeal (old-fashioned, not instant) and let it melt into the oats as they cook. It gives oatmeal a slightly sweet flavor that’s addictive.  I top the oatmeal with brown sugar and toasted pecans. No butter or cream needed.  It’s a healthy breakfast treat.

A baguette sliced into crostini-sized slices- Do not throw away the end of a baguette! Slice it up (on the diagonal) and store in your freezer. They make great croutons for soup or salads.

Bolognese sauce  I make meat sauce in big batches. I always give some to my friend Nancy, eat some, and put the rest away for rainy day.   

Homemade french onion soup  (Cooking Light, Mar 2011) – I made some on Sunday and popped half of it into my freezer for next week. THIS SOUP ROCKS!

Dark chocolate – No self-respecting female should be without chocolate in her abode. I keep some in the freezer to add to banana bread, to make brownies, or just to munch on when the mood strikes (TIP: let it get to room temp before you eat). 

 Blueberries –  I always buy a ton of blueberries when they are in season.  However, they go bad quickly so I put them in my freezer for later use. I use frozen blueberries in muffins, greek yogurt, and fruit smoothies.

2 bags of frozen peas – One package is for pasta, soups, and chicken pot pie.  And, the other one is for  my aching muscles.  

Chipotles in adobo – Use all of the chilies in one of these cans for a single recipe and your head may pop off of your neck! I generally use one chile at a time and put the leftovers in an airtight vessel and plop it in freezer.  I stir the frozen chipotles into stews and add them to meat for tacos. You could also chop and stir them into some greek yogurt with lime juice and cumin, and use as a topping for tacos, chili, or your famous seven layer dip (doesn’t everyone have a famous seven layer dip?).

What’s Next?

I’m not feeling particularly inspired at the moment. I was going to try and make a St. Patrick’s Day-inspired treat like this chocolate stout cake  (looks fantastic, right?) but time is not my friend this week so it’s no go.  One of my goals for 2011 is to try out a new recipe every week so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that inspiration will hit soon….stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Why I’m Crushing on My Freezer

  1. Gina De Savia says:

    So excited to ‘follow’ your culinary tips and creations! LOVED meeting you and spending time celebrating June’s bday!

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