Be the #1 Kiddie—Get your Food Enthusiast Dad the Best Gift for Father’s Day

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Does your Papa like pate’? Does Daddy do dim sum on the weekends? Or is your Pop a lot like mine, just a simple guy who enjoys good food but could give two sh#$s about whether it is trendy, chic, or cool as long as it tastes good. Here are some food-focused gift ideas for that very special man in your life for Father’s Day:

  • Buy him a cow– Well, probably just a partial bovine as a whole cow would be a sh#$load of beef.  My parents went in with my sister on a half of a cow and enjoyed great tasting rib eyes, tenderloins, and ground beef for ages.  Just make sure Pops has a spare freezer in the garage before you buy.
  • Butchery Classes– You know that saying, “Give a man a fish…” blah blah blah. Well if you don’t want to give your Dad a cow, teach him to butcher one. Many butcher shops and restaurants are now offering butchery classes for regular folks. 
  • Dinner Out at a Restaurant– Don’t make reseys any old place. Pick something that is related to what he typically enjoys but with a twist. Is he a traditional steak-house lover? Take him to a churrascaria. Does he get more excited about appetizers than the main course? Make reseys at a tapas joint.
  • Bacon of the Month Club – There  is really no need to explain why this is the awesomest gift EVER!!!!
  • A Great Bottle of Olive Oil or Vinegar – I bought my Dad a bottle of very nice olive oil with essence of meyer lemon a few years ago for Father’s Day and he loved it so much that he asked me to buy him another bottle (he rolls like that).
  • Bake him his favorite dessert – This shows him you truly care. One year, I made my Dad a tres leches cake. That damn cake took me tres dias to make.  And, I hate pastry soaked in anything (it’s a texture thing) but my Dad loves it so I sucked it up and made the thing. 

Happy FatherDad Gussied Up Cowboy Style’s Day!

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