Pink peppermint marshmallows, heart shaped cookies and assorted gummies.This blog started  out as a class project but I found I truly enjoyed sharing my approach to food and entertaining so I’ve kept it up.  This isn’t a “foodie” blog ( I hate the term) but is targeted at people who are interested in eating well  and occasionally entertaining with style (without killing themselves in the process).  I try to help people undertand how and why to do things so they don’t have to rely on recipes and can begin to feel confident enough to start to experiment on their own and find flavor profiles they like.  I don’t take short cuts (I’ll never recommend pre-grated cheese, pudding cups, or frozen chopped onions) but I also don’t think you absolutely have to use homemade stock to make a good soup.  My life is about balance and so is my approach to food and entertaining.  I hope you enjoy!


2 Responses to About

  1. heather says:

    Spring has sprung…ready to try some sparkling libations to kick it off!
    Sounds delicous, now what to serve for snacks? Hmmm… Food for Thought.

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