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Frozen Watermelon Margaritas: Pink Drinks for the Ladies (and My Dad)

I am not very prolific when it comes to blogging. However, I’ve been asked for this recipe 4 times in the past week so I thought I’d save myself some key strokes and send it out into the blogosphere for … Continue reading

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Cast Iron Pan– Oh, how I love thee!

Cast iron pans are da bomb. Serious. You can use them on the stove top and in the oven. They are cheap. You never have to wash them (well, you shouldn’t use soap which just seems like so much work … Continue reading

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What I’m obsessed with right now…

Summer is a busy time for me. I don’t have a lot of time to food shop or prepare meals so I’m all about quick and easy during the season of the sun. Here are four “recipes” I’ve been obsessed … Continue reading

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I’m loco for coconut (ice cream pie)!

This post is for mi amigo, Jim. Recently, a few friends and I spent a weekend in wine country. We chillaxed, swam, cocktailed and dined al fresco. It was a PURRFECT summer weekend! I made a ton of food and … Continue reading

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Livin’ La Vida Healthy

I have a confession to make. I am on a quest to lose a lot of lbs. Towards that end, I’m eating truck loads of whole grains, lean proteins, fruit and veg. And, I’m exercising on a regular basis (a … Continue reading

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Mac Daddy Mac-n-Cheez

I HATED mac-n-cheese growing up because my Mom made that orange crap that comes out of a box. We would have it with boiled hot dogs on nights my Dad had to work the night shift. I called it our … Continue reading

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Chorizo Tacos, Spicy Mango Margaritas and the Single Girl

Faithful readers (or should I say, faithful reader ), I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a long, long time.  I could proffer some lame excuse about being extremely busy or about how my life has changed extraordinarily over the last … Continue reading

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Be the #1 Kiddie—Get your Food Enthusiast Dad the Best Gift for Father’s Day

Does your Papa like pate’? Does Daddy do dim sum on the weekends? Or is your Pop a lot like mine, just a simple guy who enjoys good food but could give two sh#$s about whether it is trendy, chic, or … Continue reading

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Rockin’ Guac

I toyed with the idea of entitling this blog post, “Holy Guacamole!” but like most of my brilliant ideas–it was already played out. So, rockin’ guac it is.  They probably have rockin’ guac on the menu at Pink Taco but … Continue reading

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The 3 Rules of Good Gift Basketing

I love the idea of gift baskets. The reality of (most) of them….um, not so much. You know the “gourmet” one your boss gave you last Christmas that included the meat log, processed cheese, and the wine you could get … Continue reading

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